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Cornell’s Saddlery specialises in the protection of horse rider and horse against any physical damage that might present itself in the long term. Whether we are dealing with top-level sports, or training young promising horses.

Jacqueline started out as an equine ergonomist about 13 years ago. From the very beginning, Kees has been dedicating his unrelenting support at management level and also in terms of leather processing. We manufactured customised saddles, using air cushions and wool. We learned everything there is to know about making saddles and also about materials used in tanneries across Europe.

Today we also specialise in the horse itself. We have learned more and more about the ergonomics of these exceptional creatures … and we continued to develop ourselves.

Each year anywhere between May and September, we join the Global Champions Tour as the jury secretary. We enjoy the top-level show jumping. The tour also gave us a great opportunity to build an enormous network of osteopaths, horse dentists, bit and bridle fitters as well as physiotherapists who, just like we do, want to gain even more expertise. It is a horse sports world in which both athletes remain healthy, performing under the healthiest conditions.

jacqueline and kees overdevest


We believe we never know everything there is to know:

National Coach Congress
NLcoach authority
December 2019.
Certificate. No expiration date

Cranio - Sacral Therapy for Horse Owners
Cranio Horse agency
October 2019.
Certificate. No expiration date

Whole Horse Dissection by Sharon May Davis
Agency Lindsay Holder Training Events
March 2018.
Certification number: 07703010044. No expiration date

Acupressure Horses
Horse acupressure authority
Lheebroek June 2015.
Certificate. No expiration date

Equine Ergonomist
Body Saddlefit 4 Life®
August 2009.
Diploma. No expiration date

Saddle Ergonomist
Body Saddlefit 4 Life®
August 2009.
Diploma No expiry date


Guest lectures

By invitation, Jacqueline is pleased to give guest lectures at medical and horse-related universities. Previously lectures took place at e.g. Aeres Emmeloord and College of Agriculture CAFRE in Enniskillen, North Ireland.

A member of HorseConnect

Cornell’s Saddlery is a member of HorseConnect, a platform connecting horse owners and professionals from a high-quality and independent horse professionals’ network. Within HorseConnect, we like to share our knowledge and experiences to be able to advise owners more effectively on how to connect with their horses (


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