Measurements first

Uncomfortable saddles will cause problems and that’s a fact. However, it is even more challenging to sense that the horse-rider combination is by no means used to the fullest, disregarding the potential that clearly exists. So you know something isn’t right, but what is it?

A saddle fitter will check whether the saddle is interfering with performance. A common saddle fitter, that is

But that’s not good enough, is it?

Because, what to do if the saddle fits perfectly, however the rider sits crookedly nonetheless?

Or what if the saddle fits well, but the bridle is wrong?


Jacqueline is a saddle and equine ergonomist at the same time.

She watches how the horse is moving but also, what is happening at the same time to the jaws, the neck joint of the horse and the pelvis, the neck and shoulders of the rider himself. It all begins with how the rider walks, without the horse. It is about the overall picture and how it functions.

Watch and measure. That’s what it’s about. The health of both the rider and the horse are pivotal, always.

And so, we refer cases on a regular basis. Because with our background and tools, some things can be ruled out.

If you want to have a horse that walks perfectly and a saddle to support your entire body, please feel free to call...


In an interview with Bit Magazine, Dr Sue Dyson, head at the Clinic Orthopaedics at the Centre for Equine Studies, emphasised the reality:

Unfortunately, horse riders often settle for an ‘OK fit” simply because they believe it is as good as it gets. If more people were to invest in really properly fitting saddles, they will be able to save a lot on veterinary costs.

Women’s saddles versus men’s saddles

Today equestrian gender equality is seriously upset, with more women horse-riding. Horse-riding used to be reserved for men, as military or mounted policemen and that’s when things went wrong. Because the saddle was designed to fit men. Men with flatter thighs, a much narrower pelvis and modest buttocks generally speaking. 

Women’s pelvis and hipbones are shaped differently. Not only is the pelvis much broader but also, the seat bones are further apart, the tailbone is also more forwardly bent.

So, using a men’s saddle (All-round) means the woman must continuously contract various muscles to be seated comfortably. No wonder this is a challenge bearing in mind you have to unconsciously adapt to the saddle all the time. And vice versa, men feel uncomfortable using a woman’s saddle.

skelet paard met zadel en skelet mens in zadel

And how about this...

Because in modern society, men and women of different heights, builds, pelvic width and weight are horse-riding. Riders with no perfect physique for mounting horses, who are too small or in fact too tall, may join at top levels thanks to the capacity of our modern sports horses.

This, however, requires customised saddles. For men, an invisible cavity can be made which is also used by cyclists and protects them from riding under unpleasant and unhealthy conditions.

As for women, a simple adjustment will prevent interaction with the pubis. This is quite a relief for lots of women.

Provided the horse-rider is perfectly seated, all muscles get to relax. Unite with your horse and see how your horse will interact! PS: we see the difference every week.

From this position, you also get to decide on the colour of the leather, the material and stitching of your perfect saddle. We fully understand that, and it is worth every investment. That’s a promise.

Do you want really customised work? Call/email us and schedule an appointment.