Insight and education are key to a happy horse-riding experience and a happy horse

Being an equine ergonomist and saddle fitter, Jacqueline is invited on a regular basis to (guest) lectures at home and overseas. The audience always consists of (future) professionals. Our mission is clear: the more we get to understand the anatomy and gain specific expertise, the better we are able to turn horses into happy athletes in a multidisciplinary context.

To us, insight and understanding are key to a successful and sustainable input of every horse-rider combination. During lectures Jacqueline is perfectly able to explain the differences, how measurements are made, where analyses are performed and whether saddles fit properly.

Much more impressive, however, are the two-day practical lessons during which she is able to share a huge amount of knowledge using real horses and a number of tools.

Jacqueline teaches at Aeres 2 Emmeloord MBO 2019 9Some of the focus areas:

- Studying saddles and differences in saddles (with demos)

- Watching walking horses with/without saddle (lunging)

- Discovering the difference in distances of the seat bones, interactive (polystyrene)

- Measure and mark; what are the focus areas (own horse)

- Impact of posture and sitting on a walking horse (self-ride)

- Analysing the differences in body postures/proportions (per group)

Unique setup and impact

These guest lectures prove very successful time and again. They are interactive, offering interesting details, ground-breaking insights and a theme allowing them to make perfect sense like jigsaw pieces.


Setup, group size and planning are negotiable. Preferably, these guest series are divided over two days or half-days. Main language: Dutch, English or German.


References include:

Aeres MBO Emmeloord
Training Manager equestrian and horse husbandry

College of Agriculture, Enniskillen, North Ireland.


Duo-lectures are also possible in association with one of our partners within HorseConnect Nederland.

To book one of Jacqueline’s practical and educational lectures, please feel free to call/email us and discuss options/data available.